It was the Fall of 1999 when Pastor Antoyne L. Green heard God clearly calling him to establish a new congregation in the Athens-Limestone Count area.  During the early months of 2000, Pastor Green and a core group of seven people consistently met to lay the foundation and the framework for the new ministry.  After a lot of prayer and hard work, the New Life Missionary Baptist Church was officially launched on Sunday, June 4, 2000 at the Days Inn Ballroom in Athens.
After the first service, the Church began meeting in a rented building, known as the L Gray Building, at the courner of South Hine Street and US Highway 72.  The Lord blessed New Life with rapid growth and favor.  In December 2000, the Church secured a loan to purchase the five acres of land where we currently sit.  New Life remained at the L Gray building until building the first phase of its Worship & Education Complex in the summer of 2004.  We moved into our current facility in November 2004.
It's worth noting that our first phase is a result of God's favor.  The Carpenters for Christ, a group of professional volunteer builders, came to Athens in June of 2000 to construct the building we currently occupy at no charge.  We were blessed to have nearly 100 volunteers from 14 states to come and frame the current building, insulate, provide electrical wiring, hang drywall, install heating and cooling units, build the sound booth and pulpit, and so much more.  The Christian group ensured we are always surrounded by God's Word each time we come to Church.  Before the inside drywall was put in place, members of New Life used permanent markers to sign the insulation all over the vuilding with their favorite scriptures.  For example, next to the window closest to the pulpit, Pastor Green wrote the words to Psalm 34:1-3.  Directly above the south exit doors, Jeremiah 29:11 was written by First Lady Felicia.  So each time we enter New Life, we are literally surrounded by the Word of God.  Furthermore, each time Pastor Green stands to preach, he stands on the Word of God.  The Carpenters For Christ, inscribed the Apostle Paul's words, "Woe is unto me if I preach not the Gospel" on the top surface of the pulpit where our Pastor stands.
This is only a small nugget of the history of New Life Church.  Just know we proudly, yet humbly recognize that we are a Ministry that God favors consistently.  We truly believe and expect that greater things are coming.  We know, by our faith, that our best at New Life is yet to come!.