A Closer Walk With God: One Day At A Time Life-Changing Meditations

Those who lay claim to being Christians face a plethora of challenges daily.  some of them are easily overcome because the alternatives and the solutions are so obvious. There are others who try our faith and often bring our spiritual integrity into question. The right relationship that we have with God can be the determinant of splendid victory or the agony of defeat.
 These series of life commentaries are parepared to help the reader make some sense out of what happens daily and how adversities and tribulations can be managed by making the Word of God alive and not merely indicative of a series of quotable quotes. 
It is essential to have a reference study Bible available in order to follow the context of the commentaries and to expand understanding of the selected passages. 
As a practical matter, it would be beneficial for the reader to make the study of these passages a daily routine and a staple, whether in the morning, night or anytime that is considered personal. 
Finally, there are ample resources and opportunities to share these selected passages with those who indicate an immediate and end time need for a "Word from the Lord."
A Closer Walk With God One Day At A Time