Hannah's Heart
The Hannah's Heart Women's Ministry, named after the biblical character, is designed to teach us how to thrive through endurance, prayer, patience, empower and encourage women through fellowship.
King's Table Ministry
Annual free community dinner held the Saturday before Thanksgiving is an opportunity to share hope, love and God's Word while meeting physical needs of the homeless, transient, elderly, or families who are at a time of unexpected misfortunate. This event offers a warm non-judging atmosphere. As many as 300 individuals have been served.  Other culinary events are also hosted by the ministry. 
Marriage Ministry
The Marriage Ministry is designed to develop skills through biblical principles and practical guidance from experienced long-time married couples to empower successful marriages impacting families, the church, community and abroad.
S.O.U.L.S. Ministry
The S.O.U.L.S. Outreach Ministry seeks to evangelize through strategic events allowing the church to "touch" the community.