The Deacons focus on the spiritual welfare of our Church FAMILY.  They are available to assist members of our Church Family in times of need, assist the Senior Pastor in the administration of Church ordinances and other duties as designated. 
The Armourbearers are prayerfully appointed by the Pastor and direct assistants to the Senior Pastor and his family.  Their most important duty is to continually keep the Pastor and his family covered in prayer, serve and provide assistance before, during and after worship. 
Shepherd's Love
The Shepherd's Love Ministry provides Senior Pastor support through prayer and provision of material, financial and other items as needed.
Intercessory Prayer
The Intercessors pray generally for specific or any Ministry needs or concerns given to them by the Senior Pastor and "stand in the gap" for so many people weekly.  Prayer purposely geared for members, family and friends, Body of Christ, and the world at large.